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If you don’t know where to put your destructive energy, Gang Beasts will offer a reasonable outlet for your anger. This totally awesome beat’em up party game will take you to a virtual metropolis known as Beef City. Although it looks quite nice and peaceful, this place is actually torn apart by a civil war. The dwellers of the city, sweet-looking jelly men, are very mad at each other. When two representatives of their kind meet in the street, a fight is inevitable! And even if you’d prefer to avoid it, there is no other choice than killing or being killed. Keep punching and kicking your opponent until you knock them out and resort to one of the many ways to get done with him this game is so rich in. Every victory will make you more experienced and stronger. The more combats you survive, the more dangerous you will become for your opponents. But don’t forget that they, too, are controlled by people on the other side of the screen. And that means you can’t predict their moves as easily as you would if you were playing against a computer program. There is a lot of raw action, but you also need to include an element of tactics into your play if you hope to achieve impressive results. Ceaseless fights and tons of adrenaline won’t let you leave your computer even for a moment!


  • Look, jump
  • Click on, Shoot

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