Funny moments


Fans of beat’em up party games will be happy to play Gang Beasts with funny moments, a legendary creation by Boneloaf. You’ll find yourself in a fictional megapolis called Beef City and inhabited by weird gelatinous characters. These cute yet dangerous creatures have to survive in various hazardous environments where their tiny lives are threatened every minute and engage in thrilling melee fights trying to save their skin. Your goal is to keep beating your enemies until they are down and then finish them off using one of the hazards scattered around. The funny graphics and incredible atmosphere of the game will pull you into a whirlpool of action-packed gameplay and amazing virtual adventures. Don’t cut yourself any slack! Your opponents are just as cunning and aggressive as you. If you show a weak spot, they are sure to use it against you. So if you want to survive as long as you can and take out as many enemies as possible before finally going down yourself, stay focused on the game and keep your fingers on the keyboard to make a split-second life-saving move. Every second can be crucial!


  • Look, jump
  • Click on, Shoot

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