Gang Beasts 0.5.0


When you are stressed, you want it to get away, and there are many tricks that will help you to overcome your problems. One of such things is a terrific battle that will end in somebody’s death. This is impossible in real life due to serious consequences, but you can ease your soul in virtual world, where you can do whatever you want. Gang Beasts 0.5.0 allow you to fight with its participants and you aren’t limited in the ways you can get your victory.

There are plenty of locations that you may explore, and each of them gives you unique opportunities and emotions that you can’t experience in real life. The style of this game is cartoonish, and the sounds are a bit unreal, but it cheers you up and lifts your spirit. You won’t see details of hero’s face or body, and it makes this character appealing and funny. You can take your hero to any place you like, and you can learn all the spots on the map in Gang Beasts.

Multiplayer allows you to interact with the contestants from all over the world, and this is much more interesting than playing against computer bots. You have no limits, and the game doesn’t say that you should play fair. There are many objects that you may use against your opponents, and they can cause many damages. You will see your health bar, and you should make sure that it isn’t empty, otherwise you will fall down unconscious, and your enemies will take this advantage over you. Don’t let stress and other life troubles gobble you, fight your bad mood in Gang Beasts and have fun!


  • Look, jump
  • Click on, Shoot

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