Gang Beasts 2


If you like to fight, then you should check new game Gang Beasts 2. Here you will find everything to spend time with pleasure and without any risks to be arrested for killing somebody. You will be accompanied by a few players, because it is a multiplayer, and there may be from two eight people fighting at the same time. Your main goal is to become the last player on the arena, and make others escape with tears on their eyes.

Imagine that you are in Beef City that used to be a center of meat production, and now this town is torn by various criminal bands that want to take this place under control. You are among the competitors, and here there is only one rule – kill your enemy, otherwise he will kill you. But everything is not that cruel as it sounds, because the graphics in this game is rather simple and without portraying details. You will see only silhouettes without faces, and this makes you feel free with those faceless people. Remember that you may see players from any country, and it’s easier to imagine yourself on the character’s place, if he doesn’t have any particular traits.

You will see your health bar that will show you how long you will be able to survive. When it becomes empty, you will fall down and wait until you are able to move again. There is also a stamina bar that shows you how long you can hold this or that object. When it is empty, you have to put down the thing in your hand, no matter what it is. You have only three lives, so make sure you are not going to waste any of them.

There are certain stages in Gang Beasts, and you can opt any, and you should start with tutorial. Here you will find necessary recommendations about the game, and you will have limitless lives, so you can try all the tricks and be sure that you won’t die today. Then you can see trucks that are driving on their route. You are on the top of one, and you should do all your best not to fall down. If your cherished dream is to become a wrestler, you get a chance on a wrestling ring, where you can act like a real professional in this field. You can go underground and fight with your opponents in constant waiting for train to kill everyone. There are many other interesting locations that you can explore and show all the tricks you are able to perform. Play with your friends and set your own rules in Beef City.


  • Look, jump
  • Click on, Shoot

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