Gang Beasts 2020


Gang Beasts 2020 is a thrilling multiplayer fighting game with funny gelatin warriors who combat on different locations of the fictional Beef City. The maps are full of dangerous areas that you need to venture into if you hope to win. You can use many tricks against your opponent – for instance, lure them into the trap or to an open window, knock them out with a few moves and carry to the needed place on your hands. Each match admits up to four players. Basically, it’s simulator of street fights. You simply walk down the street, find an enemy and beat them up – that is, if you can. Try to keep the opponent from knocking you off your feet, otherwise you can easily say good-by to your life. The men are designed in a hilarious way, so the combats doesn’t’ look bloody – more like funny. There are several game modes. You can roam the street where the number of your foes will be increasing and if you defeat them all, you’ll face a huge boss. Aside from a usual ring, there are levels with chainsaws and other sharp and dangerous objects. But the point of the game remains unchanged – beat your enemies until they beat you. Diverse gameplay will make this task more challenging. After all, it’s much harder to fight when you and your opponent are standing on the tops of two moving trucks! Even more exciting and versatile fighting experience is waiting for you in the latest edition of Gang Beasts!


  • Look, jump
  • Click on, Shoot

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