Gang Beasts for two


The virtual Beef City is on the brink of a civil war. People living here can’t coexist in peace. The streets are terrorized by unruly gangs that prowl around cruising for a bruising. You are one of the gang members who needs to confront representatives of other groups and eliminate as many of the enemies as you can. To do that, you won’t even need any weapons. You just have to break your opponent down in a melee fight controlling your character’s moves. Although that might seem easy at first, don’t underestimate the dynamics of the game. Everything will be happening very quickly and you have to react in time if you hope to win. Once your opponent is on the ground, it’s time to put an end to this. In other words, there is only one to survive. The game is full of ways to kill your enemy and you only have to use one of the hazards from around.

Despite its obvious cruelty, Gang Beasts for two s is a thrilling and fun game that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. Don’t think, though, that you won’t need any special skills to take this challenge. Although the battles are pretty primitive, they still require quick reaction and a certain degree of strategic thinking. After all, half of success in the battle depends on how well it is planned. Don’t give up, keep fighting even if your chances seem pretty slim and stick to the end to earn the title of the champion! Thousands of users from all over the world are going to compete with you and the combat will be quiet intense.


  • Look, jump
  • Click on, Shoot

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