Gang Beasts for PC


What do you think of, when you hear the name Gang Beasts for PC, xbox and ps4? Your first association may be with gangsters and other creepy stuff, and you will be right, because you’ll be dealing with a great number of bandits that want to take the city under their control. The graphics is rather strange, because the criminals aren’t well-portrayed, and sounds are rather unusual, but there is a lot of fans of this game, so let’s look a bit closer at its pros and cons.

You can play Gang Beasts online, or download it to your computer. Each of these options has an advantage. In the first case you can play with any person in the world, and learn something new about the style of fighting in this particular part of the world. If you choose offline type of game, you can gather your friends and have fun together. Decide what you like more, and join the army of Gang Beasts fans. Online game has one more advantage – you can prank your contestants, and be sure that you won’t offend them, or at least, you couldn’t care less about their feelings.

If you have a bad mood, what do you do? Do you quarrel with your friends and relatives, or you choose more pacific way to calm yourself? If you want to be angry with unknown people, welcome to the Gang Beasts world! Here you will give punches to everyone you see around you, and you won’t feel sorry about it. When you play with your friends, you will play fair and even try to help them. If you are face-to-face with a crowd of strangers, you will definitely want to prove them you are the best in this arena, and you will choose gross types of battle. You may use not only your fists to make your enemy lose, but there many other interesting things that you may use. Try all of them and you will see what advantages has each type of battle. The function of multiplayer gives you wonderful opportunities to test your courage and ability to act quickly and without planning a strategy. Be ready that your opponents will be well-trained, and you should gain more experience to become a professional fighter. Anyway, you can fight the stress out and save your nice relationships with friends while playing online with various gamers from all over the world.


  • Look, jump
  • Click on, Shoot

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