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If you want to fight, you can join a cool gang that will let you do everything that you want. You are free to kill anyone you want, and no one will say you a word. The graphics in the Gang Beasts in last version is simple, and without details that lets you imagine yourself as a member of this colorful army. The characters are varicolored, and under this mask there may be anyone from any country, because this game contains multiplayer that is available to everyone. So, you can download the Gang Beasts to your computer, and enjoy free gameplay with your friends, or enter to the endless world on unlimited possibilities.

You will find yourself in very picturesque locations that are alluring in every way. If you like cars, then you may choose trucks that you should ride, hiding from numerous signs on the road. You’ll be on top of one of huge lorries, and it would be very difficult not to fall and not to be hit by sign and big trees. If you want to fight and still feel adrenalin in your veins, you may choose underground with its trains and your enemies. There are a lot of breathtaking places that you may try your hand at, and you won’t regret exploring them.

This game allows from two to eight participants at the same time, so your company is rather big. If you are uncertain about any moment, you can use tutorial, where everything is explained, and you can train there as long, as you want to make your moves strong and confident. As there is no usual plot, you may play as you like, and no one will say that you are wrong by doing this or that thing. By the way, there are trick that make the game a bit unfair, so you should know about them and make your enemies cry of despair.


  • Look, jump
  • Click on, Shoot

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