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If you love taking part in massive fights, Gang Beasts is just what you need. This multiplayer brawling game allows you to stage combats including up to 10 players. You’ll assume the role of a furious jelly softie confronting other representatives of his kind on a huge arena crawling with traps and hazards. The action takes place across multiple environments, including skyscraper roofs, amusement parks and other interesting locations. The last creature standing wins. Are you ready for the competition?

The angry jellies

Although the characters of Gang Beasts are made of some seemingly innocent gelatinous substance, their temper is nothing like their cute appearance. They are always ready to engage into a fight with someone like them and don’t need any particular reason to do it. The fictional Beef City is in the state of a permanent civil war, so don’t expect anyone here to be show friendliness. The level of aggression in the streets is rather high. Opponents keep punching, kicking, grabbing and dragging each other until everyone dies and there is only one person left. To finish off your enemy, you can use one of the perils scattered all over the place. Huge industrial fans, dangerous machinery, burning incinerator pits, building scaffolds and other ways to end your opponent in a quick and bloody manner are available in abundance. Thrilling, action-packed confrontations between a large number of cartoon-like characters unfolding spectacularly across various scenarios will keep you glued to your computer screen for hours!

More to come!

Gang Beasts is a game that combines simple yet atmospheric graphics and intuitive controls. However, the developers have incorporated real-physics mechanics. That gives the gameplay a stunning degree of naturalism, while the combats are still entertainingly clumsy and unpredictable. According to the studio, the goal was to create a ‘satisfying punch algorithm.’ Right now, you only have an option of basic melee fight, but later it is planned to add other moves as well, including kicking, elbowing and choking. There will only be localized damage, just like in real life. At the moment, there are 14 multiplayer arenas available, each hosting from 2 to 8 players. However, this is only a beginning! Developers are promising new characters, content and game modes that will make Gang Beasts even more exciting!